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Top 10 Most Asked Interview Questions for Freshers in India

With 3500+ colleges in India,every year more than 1.5 million students graduates in engineering in India. This is a huge figure which comes with a huge competition. In this competition, race for getting job is more difficult. One should not be just better but better than the best. To survive in this competition hard work, perfect preparation and practice is needed.

For this Tutorial Diary brings you a series of placement tutorials for company specific placement preparation, employability test specific preparation, interview preparation with technical interview preparation and HR interview preparation.

Top 10 Most Asked Interview Questions for Freshers in India
Top 10 Most Asked Interview Questions for Freshers in India

Interview is the process of exchange of ideas or thoughts between two or more people. Technical interview is based on the level of knowledge in your domain but HR interview checks your persona and checks whether you are fit for the job or not.

In HR interview there are some fixed questions which can be prepared before you go to the interview. Tutorial Diary compiled a list of top 10 most asked interview questions for freshers in India. Go through these Top 10 HR Interview questions given below and fortify your communique and increase your chances for getting selected. Increase your capabilities by increasing effort by practicing questions for face the Interviews with full self assurance. 

This part covers Top 10 Most Asked  HR interview questions for Freshers in India. It will support the job seekers who're about to attend interview or preparing for the interview.

Number 10: What are your weaknesses?
This is a tricky question. This question asks a person to reveal his or her shortcomings or weaknesses. However this question can be used as a weapon to impress the interviewer by framing your weakness in a positive way which will be beneficial for the job.

Number 9: What are your strengths?
This is also a tricky question. However this question can be the greatest opportunity for a person to sell himself or herself and show how his or her qualities align with the job and company's requirements.

Number 8: What is your greatest achievement?
Be realistic while answering to this question. The interviewer checks how successful are you as a professional. Try to give specific example with the situation you got success in.

Number 7: Why did you choose this field?
By this question interviewer rather wants to know is how so much concept and energy you put into your profession objectives. Use this as an possibility to exhibit your strength.

Number 6: What are your short term goals and long term goals?

The interviewer wants to understand whether you have clear view of the job role you will be taking and the place it will logically lead. If there's a disconnection between your brief-time period ambitions and what the organization can offer, it mainly comes out within the answer to this question. So, answer this question carefully.

Number 5: Why do you want to join this company?
Prepare this question well because the interviewer wants to know how are you qualified for this job in this company.

Number 4: Tell me something about this company.
If you are appearing for a company you must research about the company. This shows how you are interested, keen and excited to join this company.

Number 3: Why should I hire you?
Tell about your qualities by giving examples or works which is related to the field of job you are appearing for. Also discuss your achievements in those works. 

Number 2: Do you want to ask any question?
You should always say yes, because at this point of time in interview, the interviewer checks you curiosity and your interest towards this job or interview.

Number 1: Tell me about yourself.
This is mostly the very first question that the interviewer will ask once you’ve taken your seat. By this question the interviewer knows about you by what you say and how you say it.This gives your first impression so be careful. Keep it simple and short.

Wordpress Tutorials Free | Tutorial Diary

Want to learn WordPress and construct an internet site? One of the vital satisfactory components about WordPress is it’s ease of use. Finding out WordPress does now not require numerous time or cash. Listed here, we will be able to show you how you can learn WordPress at no cost whenever you want  and wherever you want. WordPress is the most popular and open source Content Management system (CMS), which permits the users to build dynamic internet sites and web publication.

Wordpress Tutorials Free | Tutorial Diary
Wordpress Tutorials Free | Tutorial Diary

WordPress is the most preferred for running a blog by most of the people. It is a blog approach on the web and permits updating, customizing and managing the internet site from its powerful CMS, plugins and add-ons. 

WordPress is the internet’s most preferred and used open source content management system to create a website or blog. That’s a fancy of saying it makes it possible for you to construct satisfactory websites. About 22% of all web pages are powered by means of WordPress. It generates hundreds of job possibilities around the world, and there are millions of websites earning money using WordPress.

Why learn Wordpress?

To study WordPress may be very handy. With Wordpress, you can create websites and blogs easily. Aside from the fiscal possibilities, WordPress allows for people to share their studies, ideas, construct communities and do outstanding things. With many significant alterations already in location, and extra on the horizon, it’s effortless to learn Wordpress. 

What will I learn in Wordpress Tutorials at Tutorial Diary?

Tutorial Diary's WordPress tutorials is created to support inexperienced persons study and learn Wordpress with no trouble. In this tutorial we will furnish you with distinct directions on  use of WordPress to create and manage your site or blog. WordPress can be used for creating and managing easy and complex websites. In our WordPress tutorial we have now tried to cover all the basics and few advanced topics. 

This tutorial will educate you the fundamentals of WordPress utilising which you can create websites and blogs easily. The educational tutorial is split into more than a few sections for convenience. Every of these sections include related subject matters with screenshots and videos explaining the WordPress admin screens. So start learning today.

You will learn:

How to install wordpress?
How to create website using wordpress?
How to create a new post in wordpress?

Blogger (Blogspot) Tutorials Free | Tutorial Diary

Blogger is the place to start and run a blog. Blogger is Google’s free instrument for managing blogs. Blogger is a weblog-publishing provider that permits multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was created with the aid of Pyra Labs.Web address for the blogger is 

Blogger (Blogspot) Tutorials Free | Tutorial Diary
Blogger (Blogspot) Tutorials Free | Tutorial Diary 

Previous versions of Blogger had been closely branded with the Blogger brand, however the modern variant is flexible and unbranded so you can use it to create and promote blogs and not using a price range.   Generally, the blogs are hosted by using Google at a subdomain of blogspot.Com. A user can have as much as a hundred blogs per account.

Advantages of Blogger

  • The foremost advantage to utilizing Blogger is that Blogger is wholly free, including hosting and analytics. Blogger will host your web publication for free on blogspot.Com. You should use a default Blogger URL, you need to use your own present area, or which you could purchase a site via Google Domains as you installed a brand new blog. 
  • Blogger.Com is directly linked to your Google account, so which you can effortlessly log in with that. 
  • Making a web publication on Blogger makes it possible for a newbie to effortlessly realize and edit the weblog. In Blogger, there are a number of pre-developed templates as well as countless numbers extra on hand from any number of web pages.
  • That you may create pages, write articles and participate in many other operations and directly submit them into the internet world. You'll find all of the customers who have published blogs and even remark or enter information on their blogs.
  • Blogger has integrated all its blogs with a couple of consumer precise URL addresses For example: “yourblogname.Blogspot.Com” will mechanically redirect to yourblogname.Blogspot.In in India.
  • Blogger is cellular friendly. You could edit or put up articles for your weblog instantly out of your mobiles. 
  • You can make money instantly from your blogger blog, by using AdSense to position commercials routinely onto your blogger blog page. In case you prefer to show advertisements, you share in the earnings
What is Blogger Tutorial Free at Tutorial Diary

At Tutorial Diary you will get step by step tutorial for everything related to blogger. You will learn how to customize the blogger, seo for making searchegine friendly, developing quality content, tips and tricks at Tutorial Diary.

Why Learn Blogger at Tutorial Diary

Everyday many people are starting their blogs each and every day. If you want to start blogging at blogger maybe you do not know where to start. It is confusing in the begining and some people search every where and spending much of their time in internet for searching for their problem. The main idea of Tutorial Diary is to bring you each and every thing at a single place for you.

What is it in Blogger Tutorial at Tutorial Diary

Tutorial Diary will guide you on your journey in blogger to build a perfect and successful blog and becoming a successful blogger. You will learn:

  • How to Create a blog on Blogger.
  • How to Setup a blog 

What should Resume do? | Tutorial Diary

Sometimes job seekers wonder the purpose of Resume. They sometimes be in dilemma that whether it is important or not. If it is important then why it is important. This post covers the purpose of the resume and answers the question what should Resume do?

What should Resume do? | Tutorial Diary
What should Resume do? | Tutorial Diary

You ought to have already identified that for a single job opening there's so much competition that your resume will just be one in every of the many out there that's left at the gatekeeper’s table. So how to stand out? How must you get awareness, enough to make your resume do well than the rest? Allow us to face it; you are not the one one who is qualified for the job. And in case your resume is equipped to arrive your talents corporation’s office desk however just isn't given a lot concentration, your future is racing nowhere besides the quick listed tray.

A resume in any language is personal promoting. Resumes do not give you the job, interviews do. However just right resume can open the door to the hiring managers place of job the place you are going to have the possibility to sell your self. However first you have to make excellent advertising through your resume.
Percent your resumes with brief but very informative sentences. It must be in a position to summarize your experiences and achievements in a single page until it's undoubtedly critical to make use of an additional one. If you are a contemporary graduate seeking to land your first job, there will have to be no drawback with this. Any individual with more huge expertise may desire a longer one even though it's going to nonetheless be smart to maintain it as quick as possible. 

Resumes should detail your targets, addresses, personal expertise knowledge, educational achievements, memberships, achievements and other important expertise with a purpose to supply the interviewer or your capabilities organisation a good seize of your applicant earlier than that you would be able to be viewed for an interview. 

Most of all however, resume has to convey a message regarding what the applicant can make contributions to the organization as soon as the applicant is employed. In different phrases, what is there in the employer’s interest that could spur him to remember your utility.

Resume is the applicant’s first step in making it by way of all the approach of job software. It lets the applicant gift, in a summary, what he/she may give to the organization through his/her experience. It enumerates your achievements, awards and cognizance, that are valuable to the targeted function. Job resume gives out information that might be priceless in paving a transparent manner by way of employment. Job resume boasts the applicant’s education, seminars, and trainings which can be imperative in the job. 

And with all these to be considered, job resume will have to be written in one of these method that the reader could be held hostage for the first word as much as the last. The reader ought to also absorb the content material of the job resume, plus the interest of the reader must be stored excessive for the resume to satisfy its cause. To do this, the writer need to be taught easy methods to simply deliver the proper message he/she is trying to send. 

Job resume requires a exceptional deal of perfection and flawlessness. 

Job resume must be free for mistakes that could fee the creator the stint in making it by way of the primary section of software. Job resume have got to have meat so that the competencies enterprise would know the way capable the applicant is that would increase the alterations of getting hired. That is carried out through writing a just right content material with correct use of words and adjectives. 

Job resume have to also gift that the creator may be very a lot  the job opening. But that does not imply anything if the resume contains no less that pure superficial contents. Seeing that the organization can detect the precise applicant from not, the writer have to exhaust all its efforts to create the pleasant job resume. How? With the aid of responding to the precise wants and expectations of the agency. This is the fine instrument in creating a good connection between the applicant and corporation. 

One very fundamental factor to bear in mind in answering this is to create a distinct and attractive job resume. Due to the fact that the applicant have got to assume that the role can be aimed with the aid of different folks, writing a specific job resume is most advisable. On this means, the applicant can entice the instant concentration of the reader that may send his/her resume on the top of the pile. 

But with all these, job resume must most effective want one thing and one factor on my own: to get the job interview. If this isn't meant, the remaining procedure of utility will under no circumstances come.

Having reviewed and prepared your resume with these in intellect, your next step is to make certain that it gets the concentration enough to get you the interviews. The trick is to be extra inventive so that your resumes catches the attention it desires and now not come to be in places the place you would not need it to.

Campus Placement Preparation and Tutorials | Tutorial Diary

Welcome to the Campus Placement Preparation Tutorials at Tutorial Diary!
Tutorial Diary offers a kind of free and online placement preparation tutorials for final year year students for various companies like TCS, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Amdocs, HCL, IBM and many more.

Campus Placement Preparation and Tutorials | Tutorial Diary
Campus Placement Preparation and Tutorials | Tutorial Diary
Campus placement or campus interview is the program conducted inside educational institutes or in a usual place to provide jobs to scholars pursuing or within the stage of completing the programme. In this programme, industries seek advice from the colleges to select students relying on their ability to work, ability, center of attention and intention.

Campus hiring is essentially the considered most appropriate approach to hire passing out graduates. Each and every year, almost 800 firms hire fresh graduating students in India. While the most important purpose of campus hiring is to deliver in fresh skill, it additionally helps to construct a company title among the prime faculties within the country.

Tutorial Diary provides Tutorials, topic wise important questions, Questions for practice, Previous year questions, Assessment tests which are prepared specially for campus placement preparation. Tutorial Diary furnish tutorials, materials and exams to every students online to prepare for campus placement tests and interviews. 

Tutorial Diary has put together tutorials, important questions and practice questions to prepare you for the placement tests and interviews. These materials are meant to learn you the basic concepts and prepare you for the upcoming campus placements for a lot of companies like IBM, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, and many more. The test papers are designed to as a review for you to assess yourself accordingly. Remember that hard work and practice is the main key to success, your fortune for success in campus placement when you will clear your basic concepts from Quantitative section, Logical Section, Verbal Section and your core subjects.

Topic wise tutorials for campus placement preparation at Tutorial Diary: 
  1. Quantitative
  2. Logical
  3. Verbal

Company wise tutorials for campus placement preparation at Tutorial Diary.
  1. TCS placement preparation
  2. IBM placement preparation
  3. Accenture placement preparation
  4. Amdocs placement preparation 

Go through them, get benefit and get placed.

Resume Tips that will win you an interview | Tutorial Diary

In the world of enormous competition, you have to stand out by doing things perfectly. This applies to job applications too. The first step to stand out in a job is creating resume perfectly. This post covers tips that will win you an interview. If you follow these steps, you will definitely get call for the interview and stand out as a winner.

Resume Tips that will win you an interview | Tutorial Diary
Resume Tips that will win you an interview | Tutorial Diary

there are a lot of methods to put in writing a resume but there are directions that should be taken into fine account when writing a first-rate one. Listed here are resume recommendations that would make your advantage agency scrambling to have you ever interviewed:

The heading. Inserting your self to the role of the company, you most likely would want to see a resume that's easy to read. Hence, winning the awareness of your expertise organisation signifies that your resume must have the right heading. Use headings that are correct to the job description you're applying. Preclude an excessive amount of heading with vain content.

Advertising the achievements. Again should you put your self to the function of the supplier, you might need to hire a winner and a performer.  Make certain you include the vital achievements that may provoke anybody that would get preserve of your resume. Your achievements will have to be considered one of your priorities at the same time making your resume.

Spotlight your education. Many employers require their candidates to have a detailed degree of education fulfillment. When you have finished university with flying colors or if you're one of the vital campus’ finest scholar, suppose free to comprise it to your resume. I guarantee you it would help.

Make a just right content. The correct heading needs to have a just right content material. With out it, the resume will go to the trashcan. You surely don’t want your resume to emerge as on the backside of the list both. So, your challenge is to give just right content material to your resume. The content should be competent to promote you to the reader. It should be written in a fashion that the reader would build sufficient interest to name you for an interview.

Exact design. Now this would depend on the job description you are attempting to enter. Just be certain that your design would now not be make you look ridiculous. Design must be easy but special. Try to experiment to your design like relocating the position of the heading and the content. Recall that you do this to attract attention not to confuse the reader so that you better make it good.

Correct use of words. Use of easy words with depth is the most a good suggestion strategy to write your resume.

Make a matching quilt letter. Resume would no longer stand alone. It nonetheless needs a backup and cover letter is what it needs. A just right cover letter that will state your curiosity to the job.

So, Now you know some points, go through your resume again and cross check these points and increase your chances to win a spot in the interview.

How to create an Effective Resume | Tutorial Diary

This is the question in very job seeker's mind that how to create an effective resume. Creating effective resume is very important to land a job or to get a call from the company. The principal intent of creating a resume is to win an interview with the company.. And if you get the call, then your resume is amazing. If not, then there is something wrong in resume.
How to create an Effective Resume | Tutorial Diary
How to create an Effective Resume | Tutorial Diary

To ensure you create resume that draws attention, you need to care for these following recommendations:

  • State your intent. There are so many applicants out there who create resume without figuring out what and why they have written. If you are specifically applying to a job, be certain you write what position you are looking at. Protect it with your qualification and essential expertise about yourself to increase your chances in relocating to the interview. Also, make an observation of what you must include: previews work experiences, descriptions of the job you did, seminars you attended, training you have done, certifications you have done, achievements you have, awards you got, and everything you believe needed to increase your chances to impress the company. 
  • Removing approach. If you have finished making a observe, identify what will have to be integrated to your resume. Consider that each and every job requires unique individuals with extraordinary competencies so make sure you simplest comprise the things that you consider would help you fine. 
  • Deciding on the right structure. There are two common codecs you can use to create your resume: chronological and sensible. If you are applying for a identical profession course and would need to highlight several achievements, chronological resume structure is first-class. If you want to alter career direction and prefer to highlight achievements, qualification, and potential, higher go for the functional resume.
  • Finalize the content material. Once you have chosen what to include and have selected the layout to make use of, you will have to now finalize the content of your resume. Make a top level view and from there, give the essential information you have got to comprise. Create the primary draft.
  • The enhancement. Resume is in actual fact a one-page summary of yourself, your achievements, and your education. However the one-page rule will have to now not necessarily be adopted as long as you create resume that ship a excellent message that you simply need to be interviewed. However this doesn’t imply you're going to write a 5-web page resume. Maintain it short as viable. A just right 1-2-web page resume would do.
  • Critique your resume. Once you have created the ultimate draft, be certain you evaluation it several instances. Ask yourself these following questions:
    • Is my resume spectacular to people who are reading it?
    • Have I used the right phrases and power words?
    • Is my resume effortless to learn?
    • Are the information, which i am trying to reward, can be effortlessly obvious?
    • Are my headings and its content material clear?

If you happen to reply all these with a “sure” then you may have created a excellent resume and it will surely help you to get selected for the interview.

So create your resume keeping these points in mind and you will definitely get a call.
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