How to Prepare for Interview as Fresher | Interview Preparation Plan for Fresher

In India, there is a huge competition for job opportunities. Any fresher candidate can win this competition with a perfect interview preparation plan. In an interview, the main aim of a candidate is to convince the interviewer that he has the perfect alignment of skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience against the job requirements. Fresher must prepare accordingly to fit in the job description to succeed in the interview. The interview preparation plan for fresher answers the question how to prepare for interview. Tutorial Diary brings fresher interview preparation plan.
How to Prepare for Interview as Fresher | Interview Preparation Plan for Fresher Tutorial Diary
How to Prepare for Interview as Fresher | Interview Preparation Plan for Fresher Tutorial Diary

With the help of the following plan, fresher will be able to approach the questions in an interview. This plan will help you to prepare for an interview. I recommend following this plan while preparing for an interview.

1. Research the Company

Try to keep reading to learn about a secret weapon on the way to provide you with massive competencies during your interview. Getting to know employers is likely one of the pleasant methods to emerge as a stand-out candidate throughout the hiring approach. By way of putting to your detective hat and investigating potential employers, you’ll become aware of important points about the company a good way to higher put together you for any interview.

Why Researching the Company?
Why should you research about the Company? Because researching is the most appropriate way to learn things like what the company does and what they look for in a candidate for a particular job. By researching the company you’ll be prepared to answer a lot of questions and strengthen your position as the best candidate.

What should you research about?
Now the question is What should you research? You should research about:

  • What the company looks for in a qualified candidate. This enables you to standout as the most suitable candidate the company is looking for.
  • About the Company: Learn basics about the Company like establishment year, CEO, founder, headquarters etc.
  • When you are going for an interview for job in a particular company, it will give you an advantage to have knowledge about latest news and updates of that particular company.
  • You should research about the culture, mission, and values of the company. 
  • You should look for  products, clients and services. Getting idea of company’s products, clients and services you’ll definitely be more and better prepared for upcoming interview.

Where to research the Company?
To discover the abilities, knowledge requirements, skills requirements and experience according to the company, read between the strains of their job postings.
You can additionally discover information on the company’s career web page to get an idea of requirements. 
In addition, attain out to present workers who work there and ask them about what their enterprise values most within the workplace.
You can know the relevant important things of the company by way of reading the employer’s “About” page and worker bios.
Most of the enterprise has internet site which is dedicated to press releases and recent events.
To know what the requirements of the company are, you could, in general, find them on the Company’s website. 
You can additionally learn a lot by means of the blogs, case studies, and white papers.

2. Understand the job requirements

Complete Analysis of the job description

  • Understand the knowledge requirement.
  • Understand skills requirement.
  • Understand your alignment of your accomplishments to the job requirements.

Determine how comfortable you are with this job
Try to understand wholly the job that you're intend to apply for by reading the job description carefully, discovering skills, knowledge, interests and experiences the company is looking for in a candidate.

3. Brush up your Resume.

After knowing requirements of skills and knowledge for the job, now it is time to prepare resume according to the job profile. For a fresher’s interview, a lot of questions are generally asked from resume. Therefore, it is very important to prepare the resume according to your skills and knowledge and job requirements. Important points to remember while preparing resume according to the job requirements:

  • Mention skills in the top quarter of your resume.
  • Use bulleted style for easy reading.
  • Show off your achievements and accomplishments.
  • Highlight the qualifications and past activities that strengthen your position for the job. Make a list of all the things you’ve actually done in your career that make you a good fit.

You can look for the resume templates by Tutorial Diary for freshers at:

4. Prepare answers for obvious questions.

Most of the time, interviews consist of various combination of questions which are resume-based, behavioral and situational. It is recommended that to prepare a story for everything written in CV or resume. There are a lot of obvious questions which should be prepared before you go to interview. Research and learn that what are the potential questions that must be asked in an interview and prepare answers according to those questions. Review and rewrite whole resume. Learn how you'll explain each every point of your Resume. Some of the questions which should be prepared include:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you know about this company?
  • Why do you want to join this company?

5. Prepare for Technical Interview

After analysing the job description now you know the skills requirements and domain knowledge requirements. For example if job description says you will be responsible to work with Java Development, You should prepare for Java. Points to remember:

  • Go through the basics.
  • Go through the previous interview questions asked by referring internet or your seniors.
  • Look for Interview questions for the skills desired.
  • Prepare a story for the skills you have written in your resume. For example if requirement is Java you can tell I have done certification and training in Java and I have done a project in Java.

6. Plan your first impression

Do not forget to plan what to wear. Since your appearance will be the first to be seen by interviewer, it is highly recommended that you must plan your wearable in an interview before you go. Points to remember:

  • Formal clothes with combination of formal shoes, is probably the best. 
  • Please wear clothes that are neat and very wrinkle-free.
  • Make your overall appearance very neat, clean and impressive.

7. Arrange your belongings

It is highly advisable to arrange things that you want to take with you in the interview a day before. It will loosen your stress of your last minutes. Here are the checklists of things that you should plan to take with you in an interview.

  • Carry more than two copies of printed resume on good quality paper
  • You can take soft copy of all your documents with resume in pen drive.
  • A note paper, binder and pen.
  • References list, it may be needed.
  • Information you might need to complete an application
  • A portfolio which must be compilation of samples and details of your work or project certificates etc.

8. Prepare for non-verbal communication

Scientific study suggests that our communication is notably decided via nonverbal communication. Non Verbal Communication is fundamental because our body language is most likely much more foremost. So during a job interview you'll have to be attentive to your nonverbal communication. Below are some points you should do during an interview for a better non verbal communiqué:

  • Try to be mindful
  • Begin ahead from reporting room considering that your conduct there itself counts.
  • Smile, set up eye-contact and use a very firm handshake.
  • Sit straight yet with ease. Be mindful of anxious gestures corresponding to foot-tapping.
  • Do not stare into eyes, but hold just right eye contact, even as addressing all features of an interviewer's questions.
  • Do not place some thing on their space.
  • Facial expressions always provide ideas and clues to your feelings and emotions. For that reason, try to manage how should you react, and venture a confident photograph.

9. Prepare a question list.

Prepare questions to ask the interviewer. It is notable fact that almost all interviews reach end with “Any question do you want to ask?”  So develop a question list for this. Try to be strategic in preparing questions. Cover expertise not mentioned or make clear a earlier matter — don't ask for knowledge that may be observed on the institution’s internet. Some examples of questions to be asked from interviewer:

  • According to you, what makes this company a great place to work?
  • How will you rate this company as an employee of this company?
  • What are things that is important to become successful in this particular job?
  • Can you give brief idea of company’s culture.
  • How is performance of candidates are evaluated?
  • What will be the steps in this process of hiring after this?

10. Practice job interviews

  • Last but not least Practice. Practice makes you perfect. So to excel in interview and outperform in huge competition you have to practice a lot. You can start practicing for interviews by considering following points:
  • Practice and screen your knowledge via treating interview-like eventualities such as discussions together with your friends etc. as precise interviews;
  • Analyse your interview by recording your interview and listening it back so that you can investigate how your interview was.
  • Collect and evaluate different varieties of viable questions, prepare your own responses for those questions, take notes and practice it hard.
  • Learn, write, script and practice answers to expected questions with someone that you simply trust.
  • Ask for advice and suggestions after every unsuccessful interviews

Now you know the interview preparation plan for fresher who asks how to prepare for interview. Following above plan, you will be able to easily prepare for an interview. Therefore start today and follow the above points. Remember practice and hard work always pays. Good luck for your preparation. 

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