Top 10 Most Asked Interview Questions for Freshers in India

With 3500+ colleges in India,every year more than 1.5 million students graduates in engineering in India. This is a huge figure which comes with a huge competition. In this competition, race for getting job is more difficult. One should not be just better but better than the best. To survive in this competition hard work, perfect preparation and practice is needed.

For this Tutorial Diary brings you a series of placement tutorials for company specific placement preparation, employability test specific preparation, interview preparation with technical interview preparation and HR interview preparation.

Top 10 Most Asked Interview Questions for Freshers in India
Top 10 Most Asked Interview Questions for Freshers in India

Interview is the process of exchange of ideas or thoughts between two or more people. Technical interview is based on the level of knowledge in your domain but HR interview checks your persona and checks whether you are fit for the job or not.

In HR interview there are some fixed questions which can be prepared before you go to the interview. Tutorial Diary compiled a list of top 10 most asked interview questions for freshers in India. Go through these Top 10 HR Interview questions given below and fortify your communique and increase your chances for getting selected. Increase your capabilities by increasing effort by practicing questions for face the Interviews with full self assurance. 

This part covers Top 10 Most Asked  HR interview questions for Freshers in India. It will support the job seekers who're about to attend interview or preparing for the interview.

Number 10: What are your weaknesses?
This is a tricky question. This question asks a person to reveal his or her shortcomings or weaknesses. However this question can be used as a weapon to impress the interviewer by framing your weakness in a positive way which will be beneficial for the job.

Number 9: What are your strengths?
This is also a tricky question. However this question can be the greatest opportunity for a person to sell himself or herself and show how his or her qualities align with the job and company's requirements.

Number 8: What is your greatest achievement?
Be realistic while answering to this question. The interviewer checks how successful are you as a professional. Try to give specific example with the situation you got success in.

Number 7: Why did you choose this field?
By this question interviewer rather wants to know is how so much concept and energy you put into your profession objectives. Use this as an possibility to exhibit your strength.

Number 6: What are your short term goals and long term goals?

The interviewer wants to understand whether you have clear view of the job role you will be taking and the place it will logically lead. If there's a disconnection between your brief-time period ambitions and what the organization can offer, it mainly comes out within the answer to this question. So, answer this question carefully.

Number 5: Why do you want to join this company?
Prepare this question well because the interviewer wants to know how are you qualified for this job in this company.

Number 4: Tell me something about this company.
If you are appearing for a company you must research about the company. This shows how you are interested, keen and excited to join this company.

Number 3: Why should I hire you?
Tell about your qualities by giving examples or works which is related to the field of job you are appearing for. Also discuss your achievements in those works. 

Number 2: Do you want to ask any question?
You should always say yes, because at this point of time in interview, the interviewer checks you curiosity and your interest towards this job or interview.

Number 1: Tell me about yourself.
This is mostly the very first question that the interviewer will ask once you’ve taken your seat. By this question the interviewer knows about you by what you say and how you say it.This gives your first impression so be careful. Keep it simple and short.
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