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Tutorial Diary Brings you second post in series of Free Resume Templates for Freshers . This post covers about resume template for freshers from engineering graduate or any others.

Resume states the summary of your critical job experience, educational background, and different know-how about you like achievements awards, and recognitions. It is frequently written in trendy formats like chronological and sensible. Resume enumerates the entire valuable information regarding your utility to the job. 

A good resume is always a key to make your first impression on interviewer. A fine documentation about your educations, achievements, skills and goals can make you stand out in the crowd. Therefore it is very important to have a great resume.

In this post you will get free resume template or a sample for freshers in word format or resume template in .docx file extension. The content of the resume is:

First Last
Tutorial Diary, Lane x, ABCDE, XYZ, FGHI 000000
Mobile: +91- XXXXXXXXX  Email:


·         Research job requirements and align your qualities here.
·         You can add your accomplishments which show your expertise in required field.
·         Mention skills that are relevant to the job.


·                      C
·                      SQL
·                      Java
·                      Web Develpoment


Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science & Engineering
YYY, XYZ University                                                                                                                             8.9/10

12th (Senior Secondary Examination)                                                                                                    89.2%
XYZ Examination Board

10th (Secondary Examination)                                                                                                                92.6%
XYZ Examination Board

Project Works

Your Project 1 Institution/Organization – Place 
·         Developed an application which xxx yyy zzzz.
·         Responsible for coding and testing (Whatever your role is).
Project 2 Institution/ Organization – Place 
·         A research project to study the important aspects of xxxyyyzzzz.
·         Worked as XYZ and was awarded A+ (Provide your position, it shows you are an achiever).
·         Developed and written research reports.
Project 3 Institution/ Organization – Place
·         A web application to whatever your project was.
·         Responsible for front end development.
·         Designed and developed  xyz using HTML and CSS.

Training and Certification

Java/J2EE Certification, Institution, Place
·         Awarded grade A for successful completion of Java certification program at XYZ in August 2015.


·         Secured 1st Prize in blah blah blah  held at XYZ., Place. 

Extra Curricular Activities

·         Coordinated XYZ Team for XYZY in 2015.
·         Secured 1st prize in whatever have you achieved


Date of Birth                        2nd January 1996
Languages speak                English, Hindi, Marathi
Permanent Address            xyz, Abcd, Mnopq, Rstuv, Pin-


·         Reading books, Playing Cricket, playing guitar (Be ready for questions)

Download Resume Template, Sample or Format for Freshers in India in .docx file or word file. You can find more Resume Templates, samples and formats for free at Tutorial Diary.

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I hope you all will get benefit from this template. Tutorial Diary will keep posting free template for you. So stay tuned and get benefit.
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