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Programming Tutorials

Programming Tutorials at Tutorial Diary

Programming Tutorials at Tutorial Diary

Programming Tutorials at Tutorial Diary

What is Programming?

  • designing the source code of computer programs
  • writing the source code of computer programs
  • testing the source code of computer programs
  • debugging the source code of computer programs
  • maintaining the source code of computer programs

What is a program? What does it do?

A program is an organized list of instructions or a set of ordered operations for a computer.  It is a plan of action to complete a specified task.

Programs manipulate numbers and text primarily. With the help of programs we can get a solution for a specific or a combination of problems.

What is Programming Language?

Programming is  a creative way that we create a representation for solutions of various problems. Programming is a creative process. It includes:

  • Java
  • C
  • Python etc
  • Java

  • C

A programming language is a language for machines like computers created to communicate instructions and operations orders to machines like computers.

A computer Code can be written in a variety of computer programming languages. Some of these languages include

Programming Language is a collection of typed words that the computer can clearly understand and process to give solutions. Programming languages let us do many things, eg adding numbers, etc, or storing data on disk for later retrieval.

What will we learn at Tutorial Diary?

We will learn to code in various programing languages with the help of various free online tutorials at tutorial diary. These tutorials and their links are given below:

elitmus Preparation | Tutorial Diary

Elitmus preparation section at tutorial diary will help you to prepare for pH test. With the help of these tutorials you can get a decent percentile in pH test and can maximise your chances to get a job through elitmus.

These tutorials will take you through theories, examples and practice questions from Elitmus specific topics.

What is Elitmus?

ELitmus is an Indian employability assessment organization that helps other organizations in recruitment of engineers who are looking for decent jobs. 

Elitmus is national level test for job seekers for getting a job from various multinational and national organizations with great bundle of package. Elitmus evaluates engineers by pH test which comprises of 3 segments. It is a 2 hrs test having 20 questions in every section 60 questions. : 

  1. Quantitative, 
  2. Critical thinking and 
  3. Verbal capacity. 

Get set go and prepare for Elitmus (pH) test: Click here

This section of Tutorials at Tutorial Diary will provide:

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Employability Test Preparation and Tutorials

Employability Test Preparation and Tutorials at Tutorial Diary

What is Employability Test?

Employability Test Preparation and Tutorials at Tutorial Diary
Employability Test Preparation and Tutorials

Employability Test is an accreditation which helps in distinguishing ability through a testing process. It is the assessment process which helps various organizations to recruit the right candidate for the concerned jobs. The Employability Test assesses the right skill sets required for a particular job in an organization.

The Employability test assesses:

  • Fundamental Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Soft Skills etc.

The Employability Test (ET) surveys the capability of applicants through a standard measure. All last year understudies and graduated students, who are searching for a job, or need to advance themselves in their related industry, are qualified to take the employabilty test.

What will you get at Employability Test Preparation and Tutorials at Tutorial Diary?

At Tutorial Diary you will get complete analysis of these tests including:
  • About exam 
  • Exam pattern
  • Syllabus 
  • Marking scheme
  • Important topics
  • Important questions with answers
  • Important questions for practice
  • Mock tests
  • Common questions

Go to the following link for your preparation to below mentioned employability tests:

In this section of Tutorials of Tutorial Diary you will get complete knowledge about placement aptitude tests, online placement aptitude tests for india, job seekers placement aptitude test, placement aptitude test in india, placement aptitude test papers, placement aptitude test with answers top placement aptitude tests, placement aptitude tests job placement aptitude test campus placement aptitude test placement aptitude test questions and answers, placement aptitude test aptitude tests for career placement top placement aptitude tests for Indian job seekers aptitude tests for placement placement aptitude test papers, placement aptitude test papers, sample placement aptitude test papers online placement aptitude test practice top 5 placement aptitude tests for Indian job seekers

Company Specific Placement Preparation and Tutorials

Company specific Placement AT Tutorial Diary

Company Specific Tutorials at Tutorials Diary
Company Specific Placement Preparation and Tutorials at Tutorials Diary

Tutorial Diary is an online destination for Company Specific Preparation and Tutorials. Tutorial Diary provides jobseekers a complete analysis of placement processes of various companies compiled by people who have already been placed in various companies. You will get most of IT Companies placement insight with Company profile, Job profile, Latest placement pattern, placement or selection process, latest placement papers with solved Answers, Important questions for practice, mock test papers,interview questions & answers, tutorials and preparation materials.

It provides company specific preparation tutorials. The Placement Diary of Tutorials consists of:

  • ·         About Company

In this section we provide information about companies you want to work for. In this section you will know about mission, vision, locations and facts of the specified company.

  • ·         Requirement of the company

In this section we provide information about the qualities that a company seeks in a candidate to find him suitable for the position.

  • ·         Pattern and Important Topics

In this section we provide information about the pattern of the test conducted by the specified company and important topics to study.

  • ·         Tips for success

This section will cover tips to get success in the placement process of specified company.

  • ·         Preparation materials

This section provides you a collection of tutorials to prepare you for the placement in the specified company.

  • ·         Topic wise Solved Questions

Topic wise solved questions to make you aware of questions and answers asked in the specified company.

  • ·         Topic wise Questions for practice

Practice makes a man perfect. So, practice questions to solve so that that it build a concrete concept.

  • ·         Mock Tests

Pre tests to check your preparation towards the specific company.

  • ·         Interview Experiences

Experiences by successful candidates.

Note: If you don't find any company here in the list please leave a request in this page below or leave a message or suggestion in the contact section.

Also you can help others by contributing others by sharing your experience, questions, tutorials, latest pattern etc. of a placement you attended by going to contribute section or simply leaving a message at contact us page.

Below is the list of latest collections of Placement Preparation and Tutorials for different IT Companies. We tend to frequently update the Company Specific Preparation Tutorial with change in pattern, questions to provide job seekers updated preparation for IT company jobs in India.



Therefore this part of Tutorial will provide you: 

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  • company placement papers free
  • company placement criteria
  • company placement eligibility
  • company placement interview
  • company placement test practice
  • company placement paper with solution
  • company placement form
  • company placement cell
  • company placement letter
  • company placement

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Check your Eligibility for top MNC's of India | Fresher Engineers Jobs

Check your Eligibility for top MNC's of India
Eligibility for companies in India

Tech Mahindra

  • 60% in Engineering
  • 60% in 10th
  • 70% in 12th


  • 70% in 10th,12th and Engineering


  • 11th :60%
  • 12th: 60%
  • Engineering: 70%


    • 10th & 12th & Engineering : 60%  (Most of the time 65% )


    • 60% in 10th, 12th & Engineering

    Larsen & Toubro

    • First Class (60% +) in 10th, 12th & Graduation
    • Max of 2 backlogs / Reattempts in your UG.
    • No drop in any semester / year throughout course.
    • Age less than 24 years.


    • BE/Btech 75% aggregate or equivalent CGPA
    • 10th /12th – 70%

      Cognizant (CTS)

      • 70% in 10th, 12th & Engineering


      • 60% in 10th,12th & Engineering


      • 60% in 10th , 12th & Engineering


      • 70% in 10th , 12th & Engineering


      • 65% in Engineering
      • 60% in 10th & 12th

      I hope this must be beneficial for you all. So start preparing for the placement and get success.

      All the Best!!

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      Note: Placement criteria are predicted from the past requirement of these companies. We are not liable for any discrepancy since, it is matter of company to decide.  
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